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At the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, our volunteers are critical partners in helping us stir people to action that both protects and restores religious freedom around the world. 

SERVE AS A volunteer

Volunteers mobilize their churches and communities to get involved in a myriad of ways to make an impact and raise awareness, including but not limited to: 

  • Speaking to church and community small groups
  • Marshaling professional and social networks to contact political leaders
  • Blogging and tweeting to engage cultural leaders and influencers
  • Writing articles for community and regional publications
  • Creating petitions for action by policymakers
  • Organizing clothing drives and fundraisers at churches and church schools
  • Giving presentations to educate students at religious schools and colleges/universities


Tell us below how you want to be a voice of support for religious freedom.

Yes, please contact me about serving as a volunteer for 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative.

21Wilberforce is empowering a global movement to advance religious freedom as a universal right through advocacy, technology and equipping.